5 Great Reasons to Attend the Buried Alive Film Festival – The November 16th Edition!

Sure, MMC! made the Buried Alive Film Festival’s first day of full programming sound great, but BAFF really comes into its own on Friday, November 16th. There, BAFF offers three feature-length movies, one live score, one supporting short, and a full program of 10 short films entitled “Bury Me With My Favorite Films.” There’s plenty to see and enjoy at the 7 Stages Theatre this Friday. Those on the fence about attending or those looking for a preview of what to watch thankfully have MMC! to point the way.

Here, dear reader, are MMC!‘s five favourite reasons to BAFF this Friday!

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Trailer Tuesday: Cuphead

We’re all about loving film, but sometimes our favourite movies don’t fit the usual MMC! post advocating for spine numbered greatness.  Some movies we love already have great hard media editions.  Some films will just never be made available to a favoured boutique label.  And some films just aren’t that good, making the trailer their best part.  To these films (and/or trailers) that we love, we offer “Trailer Tuesdays.”

Sometimes trailers aren’t even for movies, such as this trailer for the recently announced video game Cuphead!  We’re not so much the avid gamers here at MMC!, but we appreciate the medium and love our 1930s East Coast animation.  It’s stunning to think that no video game has ever attempted to emulate the cartoons of Fleischer Studios or Van Beuren Studios.  All credit to Cuphead‘s developers, Studio MDHR, who produced the game using traditional cel animation.  Cinephiles and video-game dilettantes should be warned however.  Cuphead‘s gameplay relies solely on boss battles and early reports indicate the game is extremely challenging.

(… and don’t be surprised if Cuphead inspires some more posts honouring the stretch and squash of early sound animation.  We’ve got some more select films in the coming weeks to share that are sure to bring a smile.)