Please Stand By

Technical DifficultiesFebruary has come to an end and no imagined Criterion Collection release has been posted. Dommage. The fact is that this last month has unexpectedly produced some substantial and unforeseen changes to my professional life, changes that significantly affect my time to write these posts and proposals. To be perfectly honest, I debated shuttering MMC! in the wake of these changes but I’m holding off on doing so. I’m under no illusion that this blog matters in the grand scheme of things to anyone but me, but I enjoy MMC! It keeps me searching out new films, reading up on their historical and theoretical underpinnings, and flexing my old film school muscles (at least to some degree). And so, if the gap between posts continues to widen, please accept my apologies, trust that I am still here, and bear with me (or not – I understand).

MMC!’s next imagined Criterion Collection edition will eventually arrive and it is a classic Warner Bros. title with no American Blu-ray release. The timing of the proposal might be oddly fitting as preparing this post now has been such …. hard labour.

Turn Around, Bright Eyes!

Every now and then, things get a little bit hectic but MMC! isn’t falling apart.

The truth of the matter is that things are piling up a bit now. MMC! has been a little quieter of late and I expect that will continue as July closes with me attending a 4+ day film festival and much of August will see my attention focused with a family move. More important to MMC!, I’m also working on a larger than usual proposal that celebrates the return of the Criterion Collection’s Eclipse sets with … an imagined Eclipse set. While I won’t be totally absent over the next few weeks, MMC! will probably slow down but good things are on the horizon. Thanks for sticking around dear readers (both of you).

Forever might not start tonight, but it should start pick up in the near future.

Coming Soon to This Blog! Rated FN for Film Nerdy.

Business travel has left MMC! quiet of late and now we’re gearing up for some extended blogathoning later this month and into June.  We’ll have imagined editions of The Human VaporMatangoVery Happy Alexander, Miracle on 34th Street, and Random Harvest.  Then, in July, MMC! will have its biggest, most elaborate proposal yet!

In the meantime, we will still be active, offering some smaller posts on some favourite topics (and maybe even an announcement if things work out).  Stay tuned!

Please Stand By

Simpsons Technical DifficultiesMMC! is on the road right now and while our next proposal is essentially ready to go up, the computer provided in my hotel room doesn’t seem to love all of the robust options available in WordPress, meaning I can’t quite get our next post to include the usual array of links and whatnot.  For that reason, I’ll keep plugging away at drafts for further titles in the meantime and delay our next post just a few more days.

Thanks for your patience and check back in for our next imagined Eclipse set, this one celebrating one of Japan’s great director-actress collaborations.

Please Stand By

Simpsons Technical DifficultiesThe flu has cut through MMC! headquarters like German strikers through the Brazilian defence.  It’s a sweaty, sleepy, sore-throated battle that we are fighting and, thankfully, slowly winning.  We hope to bring our next post on a film noir favourite (at least to us) as soon as possible.

Please stand by, film fans!