IF…. An Ithaca Fantastik Preview

Ithaca Fantastik kicks off tonight! This seventh edition of IF runs for ten days and offers a superb collection of films that it describes as dwelling “in that unsettling terrain between the uncanny and the marvelous” and represents “the most exciting and intriguing, mind-bending, beautiful, and flat-out weird films.” MMC! is pleased to be covering the 2018 Ithaca Fantastik, so let’s take a quick look at some tantalizing trailers!

Opening night kicks off with Ciro Guerra and Cristina Gallego’s Birds of Passage (2018). Set in 1970s Columbia and concerning an indigenous family’s role in the booming marijuana trade, this crime drama blends cultural specificity, poetic surrealism, and all-too human greed. Guerra and Gallego’s follow-up to 2015’s spell-binding Embrace of the Serpent looks like a must-see take on the drug trade.

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Trailer Tuesday

The Criterion Collection’s announcements for January 2019 look great, but it’s the contrast between the trailers of two forthcoming films that I find particularly intriguing this month. On the one hand, we have the simple, elegant, unadorned trailer for Abbas Kiarostami’s 24 Frames (2017). Painterly and quietly compositional in its attention, the trailer ably expresses Kiarostami’s focus on “movement, perception, and time.” More non-narrative films go Criterion please!

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