Never Too Young to Die (Gil Bettman, 1986)

“… explosions, one-against-a-hundred bazooka battles, and chases …” – LOS ANGELES TIMES

Drafthouse Films LogoAction: Bond style.  Beauty: Vanity style.  Hero: American style.  Never Too Young to Die stars teenage idol John Stamos and the sensually exotic Vanity as two of the most dynamic secret agents seen in years.  Gene Simmons plays the super-villain who plans to take over the country, and finds his plot blocked by Stamos and Vanity.  The two suddenly find themselves the targets of the vicious Simmons, and must take on the maniacal hermaphrodite.  The resulting battle of the “sexes” blows the lid of the evil plan, and Stamos joins the ranks of the American Hero.  Powerful heavy-metal music, state-of-the-art weaponry, and the explosive chemistry between two of the sexiest stars on the screen blend to make this exciting action flick an automatic winner!

Special Features:

Stargrove Edition – Package Includes:

  • Never Too Young to Die on Blu-ray or Standard DVD featuring over 2 hours of bonus material
  • High quality 720p HD Digital Download of the Film Available on Street Date
  • Instant Download of the 7-track Never Too Young to Die Soundtrack including Tommie Lee Bradley’s theme “Stargrove”
  • 27″ x 40″ Reversible Poster
  • Limited Edition “DUNBAR” Tank Top

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