Talkin’ Arrow!

Big thanks once again to Aaron West for inviting me onto his podcast, this time onto his second episode of Arrow Now! Enjoy hearing me get thoroughly outclassed by the great Tim Leggoe while we discuss all things Arrow Films, give our respective Top 5s for 2017, and take a look at the year ahead.

And in an admission that will likely disqualify me from participating in the same review next year – be warned, it’s very likely that Elvira, Mistress of the Dark will be on my Top 5 for 2018!

Listen to Me!

Big thanks to Aaron West for inviting me on Criterion Now, his recurring podcast on the ongoing developments of all things Criterion! You can listen to us now on “Episode 11 – Blow-Up, Tiny Furniture, Gimme Shelter.”

Lucky listeners can hear me shrug off ’60s London, defend the aspect ratio of comic books, mistake Zelig as ’70s Woody Allen, declare myself the spokesman of a nation, and defend Lena Dunham, Michael Bay, and Point Break. It was a lot of fun, but MMC! followers should enjoy it now because a track record like that doesn’t encourage repeat visits!

(And for the record: I don’t dislike Blow-Up (I just have other Antonioni films I much prefer), I probably should have stumped for Take the Money and Run (1969) which I also enjoy, and I do have great tolerance when the Collection tries to represent cinema outside its typical fare, even when it results in titles like Armageddon and Jellyfish Eyes.)

Introducing Criterion Now!

criterion-nowThe good folks at CriterionCast have introduced a new podcast to the family – Criterion Now – a round table discussion of current Criterion-related events hosted by Aaron West.  Think of it as The McLaughlin Group for cinephiles, film nerds, and Criterion-heads, with Aaron as the straw that stirs the drink.

Episode 1 was released a couple of days ago with discussions of Criterion’s wacky New Year’s drawing, some Criterion titles, and the new streaming service FilmStruck. Joining Aaron on this episode is his Criterion Close-Up partner, Mark Hurne; podcasting power couple Ericca Long and Cole Roulain of The Magic Lantern; and administrator/lion tamer of the Criterion Considered Facebook group, Matt Gasteier.