In honour of this spooky season, MMC! offers 13 weird and wonderful small screen novelties from Halloweens past! It’s interesting to me that people decry the commercialization of Christmas and holidays invented by greeting card companies, yet no one ever complains about the capitalist exploitation of Halloween or being sold on horror. It’s a testament to the awesomeness of the Halloween season (and to horror generally) that it can avoid criticism of such conspicuous consumption. With that in mind, let’s relish history’s unusual efforts to sell us breakfast cereals, action figures, premium-rate numbers, and even DIY shrunken heads! (And if anyone wants to explain to me what happened to the apostrophe in “Hallowe’en,” I’d appreciate that too!)

Enjoy and stay safe, kiddos!

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Come Together (Wes Anderson, 2016)

We must admit, the last couple days have been tough here at MMC! and morale is lagging with things looking to get worse before they get better. I’m not sure if Wes Anderson’s new short Come Together (2016), a promotional work for H&M stores, helps the situation by offering some Christmas cheer or gives some further reason to mope by another of Anderson’s characteristic sad sack dollhouses, but we’re glad for it either way. Enjoy it now here, before it appears on the Criterion Collection’s eventual release of The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014), and we’ll see you in December!

“We’ve Lost! Let’s Try the Kitchen!”

Hey kids, enjoy the fun of fleeing for your life and abandoning your spaceship to an unstoppable monster!

Were kids in 1979 clamouring for an 18-inch replica toy of a terrifying monster from an R-rated movie?  That’s hard too imagine (although that toy looks pretty great).  I love the idea that when some young boy wasn’t looking, that Alien doll was stolen by some little girl who put a bonnet on it and seated it at a tiny table as a guest at an imagined tea party.  “Would you like a biscuit, Mrs. Scaryskullface?”  “Yessssssssssss.”