Nameless Gangster: Rules of the Time (Yoon Jong-bin, 2012)

“The Korean mob film Scorsese would be proud of.” – Jacob Templin,

Drafthouse Films Logo1982.  South Korea.  Set to lose his job as a customs officer, Choi Ik-hyun has no hesitation in approaching a local crime syndicate to sell drugs confiscated by him and quickly partners up the city’s most powerful mob boss, Choi Hyung-bae (Ha Jung-woo, The Yellow Sea).  In less than ten years, Ik-hyun becomes a powerful criminal force in his own right, armed with a book of contacts and knack for exploiting distant family relations, but his longtime partnership with Hyung-bae strains under their own success.  A blockbuster film in its home country, Nameless Gangster features another bravura performance by Choi Min-sik (Oldboy, I Saw the Devil) as the buffoonish yet canny Ik-hyun and a spot-on reconstruction of 1980s and ’90s Busan, South Korea, set amid the country’s period of rampant crime and corruption.

Special Features:

  • Audio commentary with director Yoon Jong-bin
  • The Golden Age of the Bad Guys, a making-of documentary featuring interviews with cast and crew
  • The War on Crime, a featurette on South Korean organized crime and the government’s war against it in 1990
  • Gangsters of the 1980s – Busan, reviewing the style, fashion, and production design of Nameless Gangster
  • The Music in Those Days …, a review of Nameless Gangster‘s period music
  • Footage from the première
  • Theatrical trailer, teasers, and TV spots
  • 24-page booklet of photos, production stills, and promotional materials, plus an interview with director Yoon Jong-bin

“Who You Know” Edition – Package Includes:

  • Nameless Gangster: Rules of the Time on Blu-ray or Standard DVD featuring over 3 hours of bonus material!
  • DRM-free Digital Download of the film in 1080p, 720p, and mobile/tablet formats
  • Instant Download of the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Jo Yeong-wook and including Jang-Ki-ha and the Faces’ “I Heard a Rumor”
  • 27″ x 40″ reversible theatrical one-sheet

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