Trailer Tuesday

For every MMC! proposal that turns into an actual spine numbered release, there are numerous other films that get swanky editions before this blog ever gets to imagine one. These films are unfortunately struck from MMC!‘s list of potential titles with no fanfare, never achieving the glory of stepping into our fantasized spotlight. Today’s “Trailer Tuesday” post celebrates a few of these films recently denied the chance to shine MMC!, but first we’ll celebrate an overdue title proposed for a spine number 6½ years ago!

As a longstanding favourite of MMC!, we’re naturally overjoyed with news that Severin Films is debuting a new 4K restoration of Álex de la Iglesia’s Perdita Durango (1997) at the 2019 Fantasia Film Festival and that a Blu-ray release is expected to be announced later this year! Personally, I can’t wait to decommission my two bootleg copies of the film and finally get to discuss with others the genius that is Rosie Pérez and the further proof that the quality of a film is directly proportional to the craziness of Javier Bardem’s hair. Thank you Severin! Better late than never!

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Perdita Durango (Alex de la Iglesia, 1997)

Drafthouse Films Logo“One of the best films of the year.  I just hope the rest of America gets to see it.”  — Ron Wells, FILM THREAT

Move over Bonnie and Clyde.  Hold on Mickey and Mallory.  Cult filmmaker Álex de la Iglesia brings an even wilder vision of outlaw love in his 1997 Tex-Mex tribute to sex and violence, Perdita Durango.  Tough-as-nails Perdita (Rosie Pérez) falls for Romeo (Javier Bardem), a bank-robbing, corpse-stealing, coke-snorting sorcerer and Tihuana Brass enthusiast.  Together, the pair kidnap a couple of American teens and drag them into a plan to smuggle a truckload of fetuses to a Las Vegas pharmaceutical company for a Mexican crime boss.  Along the way, they are pursued by an unlucky DEA agent (James Gandolfini), a betrayed accomplice (Santiago Segura) and fated tragedy.  Boasting supporting performances by filmmaker Alex Cox and musician Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, Álex de la Iglesia’s English language début, seen here in its complete form for the first time, is an unrecognized classic of the new brutality cinema of the 1990s.

Special Features:

  • The previously unreleased and complete 126-minute version of Perdita Durango, approved by Álex de la Iglesia
  • Introduction by filmmaker and actor Alex Cox
  • Making of featurette with interviews of cast and crew
  • Perdita in Flux: UK writer Brad Stevens on the making of Perdita Durango, casting and filmmaking changes, and the various versions of the film released globally
  • Interview with the source novel’s author and screenplay writer, Barry Gifford
  • Theatrical teaser, trailer and TV spot
  • 60-page booklet reproducing the film’s press book and an interview with Álex de la Iglesia

“Trust in Science” Edition – Package includes:

  • Perdita Durango on Blu-ray or Standard DVD with reversible sleeve art by Mondo artist Phantom City Creative
  • High quality 720p HD Digital Download of the film
  • The 25-track Original Motion Picture Soundtrack including 10 original tracks composed by Simon Boswell in 320kpbs MP3 Audio
  • de la Iglesia autographed 27″ x 40″ theatrical poster
  • Barry Gifford’s novel 59° and Raining: The Story of Perdita Durango
  • Limited Edition Happy Pet Dog Food flying disc

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The Day of the Beast (Alex de la Iglesia, 1995)

Drafthouse Films Logo“If Mel Brooks had directed ‘The Omen’, it may have come out like this.”  Ron Wells, FILM THREAT

Father Ángel Berriartúa (Álex Angulo) has discovered that the Antichrist will soon be born on Christmas Eve, but doesn’t know where.  To meet the Devil himself and find out, Berriartúa becomes a sinner and enlists the aid of heavy metal fanatic José María (Santiago Segura) and occult TV host Professor Cavan (Armando De Razza).  Together, this unlikely trio may be humanity’s last hope to save an already wretched world from demonic forces and prophecized annihilation.  Nominated for 14 Goya Awards (the Spanish Oscars) and winner of 6 including Best Director, Álex de la Iglesia’s hilariously brutal and brutally hilarious sophomore feature is “nothing short of a hangman’s slapstick masterpiece” (Austin Chronicle).

Special Features:

  • Introduction by Álex de la Iglesia
  • Audio commentary with filmmaker Álex de la Iglesia
  • Audio commentary with film scholars Núria Triana Toribio and Andrew Willis
  • Making of The Day of the Beast: The 1995 Spanish Documentary Channel featurette
  • Interviews with Álex de la Iglesia, Armando De Razza and Santiago Segura
  • Theatrical teaser and trailer
  • Gallery of posters, shooting photos and stills
  • Cast and crew filmographies
  • Killer Mirindas, de la Iglesia’s 1991 début short film
  • Acceptance speeches and cast and crew interviews from the 1995 Goya Awards
  • 36-page booklet including the original press book

“Clean Up Madrid” Edition – Package includes:

  • The Day of the Beast on Blu-ray or Standard DVD with over 2 hours of bonus material
  • High quality 720p HD Digital Download of the Film
  • Instant Download of the 46-track The Day of the Beast Motion Picture Soundtrack including the 30-track Original Score of Battista Lena and 16 Satanic Themes selected by Álex de la Iglesia in 320kpbs MP3 Audio
  • 27″ x 40″ Theatrical Poster autographed by de la Iglesia
  • Limited Edition Professor Cavan Eye-in-Hand Amulet
  • Limited Edition “Satannica” T-Shirt

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