10 on the 10th – April 2021

Of these last ten films I’ve watched, high marks expectedly go to Claire Denis’ ephemerally masculine Beau Travail and Kenji Iwaisawa’s deadpan tribute to musical inspiration, ON-GAKU: Our Sound. This Easter holiday paired a re-visiting of Henry Koster’s delightful Harvey with a kiddie-version by the Children’s Film Foundation, Mr. Horatio Knibbles. Reports of the CFF film being nightmare fuel at Peanut Butter Solution-levels are definitely overstated, as Horatio is a quirky, if blunt, work of children’s entertainment and not much more. Still, one look at that screen grab and it’s hard not to resist the morbid curiosity it inspires.

  1. CoinCoin and the Extra-Humans (Bruno Dumont, 2018)
  2. Koko-di Koko-da (Johannes Nyholm, 2019)
  3. Tora-san’s Dream of Spring (Yoji Yamada, 1979)
  4. ON-GAKU: Our Sound (Kenji Iwaisawa, 2019)
  5. The Legend of the Stardust Brothers (Makoto Tezuka, 1985)
  6. Beau Travail (Claire Denis, 1999)
  7. Mr. Horatio Knibbles (Robert Hird, 1971)
  8. Harvey (Henry Koster, 1950)
  9. Little Dragon Maiden (Hua Shan, 1983)
  10. Runaway Nightmare (Mike Cartel, 1982)

The last film on this list, Runaway Nightmare, was screened during the American Genre Film Archive’s 10-hour marathon program, AGFADROME. An online fundraising event, AGFADROME was made up of five two-hours blocks each programmed by an AGFA member. Among the unhinged deep cuts, recent restorations, sneak peeks, and found footage mayhem were some MMC! favourites: the LAPD drunk-driving scare film, So You Think You Can Drink and Drive?; the Craig Baldwin-meets-Shinya Tsukamoto insanity of David Boone’s Invasion of the Aluminum People (1980); S. S. Wilson’s remarkable student film featuring killer reels of film, Recorded Live (1975); Damon Packard’s Dawn of an Evil Millennium (1988), a faux-trailer channeling some nasty, Carpenter-esque horror; and Bill and Coo (1948), Dean Riesner’s all-bird tale of a town terrorized by an evil black crow. If you missed AGFADROME, check out the American Genre Film Archive‘s website and support their project by picking up a disc, a shirt, or a download and by just making a donation!

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