10 on the 10th – October 2020

There’s some very weird stuff among this very solid list of films – the killer-style of Deerskin, the physical trauma of Tokyo Fist, the civil servant aspirations/delusions of Infinite Football, the cheap-o monster-fighting of Santo and Blue Demon Against the Monsters. Probably least well known of these unusual movies is The Million Game, a re-imagining of The Most Dangerous Game as a German reality television program complete with fictional advertisements and variety show acts. It’s tacky, cravenly commercial, and a weirdly singular TV-movie experience.

  1. ParaNorman (Sam Fell and Chris Butler, 2012)
  2. The Whistlers (Corneliu Porumboiu, 2019)
  3. Deerskin (Quentin Dupieux, 2019)
  4. Santo and Blue Demon Against the Monsters (Gilberto Martínez Solares, 1970)
  5. One Cut of the Dead (Shinichiro Ueda, 2017)
  6. Infinite Football (Corneliu Porumboiu, 2018)
  7. Tora-san, the Intellectual (Yoji Yamada, 1975)
  8. Tora-san Meets the Songstress Again (Yoji Yamada, 1975)
  9. The Million Game (Tom Toelle, 1970)
  10. Tokyo Fist (Shinya Tsukamoto, 1995)

Although Letterboxd lists it on its site, I’ve omitted HBO’s Watchmen series from this list despite having finished it between Tora-san, the Intellectual and Infinite Football. I must admit to feeling conflicted about Watchmen and to being one of the few people who consider it an admirable failure. While the HBO series obviously has its heart in the right place and is impressive in its world-building, its ultimate reverence for super-heroics and its othered villainy seems out of place with the cynical caution of Alan Moore’s original books. One might push back that the world today needs a certain amount of optimism, although Moore’s recent comments to Deadline about the “blight” cast by superheroes on cinema specifically and the culture generally seem equally applicable to the hailed HBO series.

Lastly, the Nightstream online film festival continues, providing MMC! with an opportunity to revisit The Eyeslicer Halloween Special. The fest continues until tomorrow night with plenty of great films and events still to come including Sunday’s “Dinner with the Masters of Horror: A Tribute to Mick Harris,” an evening with Harris with friends Joe Dante, Ernest Dickerson, Axelle Carolyn, Mike Flanagan, Tom Holland, John Landis, William Malone, Tommy McLoughlin, and some additional surprises! American friends of MMC! should be sure to check out Nightstream and support some excellent causes.

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