Trailer Tuesday

Let’s kick off this “Trailer Tuesday” with the Janus Films trailer for Jackie Chan’s two Police Story films. This sizzle reel for every wild stunt and action sequence in the two movies is as thrilling as they come. I had never really imagined that a future Criterion release would boast “NEW ASS-KICKING 4K RESTORATIONS” but here we are and I’m grateful for it. These films arrive to the Collection on April 30 so start hydrating now!

The Criterion Collection’s New Year’s drawing dropped earlier this month and aside from potentially confirming forthcoming editions of Children of Men and Hedwig and the Angry InchMMC! is most excited at the apparent confirmation that Alan J. Pakula’s Klute (1971) is set to wear a wacky “C.” This slice of ’70s paranoia is an MMC! favourite and has been on its list of possible future proposals for a while now. As always, MMC! is happy to forego a post in exchange for actually having a Criterion release, even if it means that its head office’s phones are tapped by shadowy figures working for the Collection!

Arrow Video has been once again sneaking announcements through inserts in its recent releases. In addition to Paul Verhoeven’s Robocop (1987) and Edgar Wright’s A Fistful of Fingers (1995) is MMC! guilty pleasure and future proposal candidate, Richard Kelly’s Southland Tales (2006). Frankly, its hard to believe from watching this trailer today that Southland Tales was actually a real movie and not some bizarre SNL parody imagining a fictional meta-fantasy. It’ll be interesting to see whether this exercise in stunt-casting still holds up. I suspect that Justin Timberlake’s “All These Things That I’ve Done” and Rebekah Del Rio’s “Star-Spangled Banner” will forgive all. Does this now leave MMC! proposing Kelly’s The Box (2009)?

MMC! is overjoyed to see Arrow Academy having announced earlier this month an April release of Aleksei German’s Khrustalyov, My Car! (1998). If this is anything like German’s Hard to Be a God, it should stunning and gorgeous and completely maddening. I literally dreamed of this trailer last night and woke up with an excruciating headache. I can’t wait to see this!

I thought I was (mostly) off the superhero bandwagon having been largely unmoved at the prospect of a Captain Marvel movie, but that might not be the case. I’m not sure I’m in love with Jeremy Slater’s vision of The Umbrella Academy (2019) but I adore Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá’s quirky, Wes Anderson-like comic book, so until Wes Anderson actually makes a superhero movie (or even adapts The Umbrella Academy himself, as he should), MMC! will be giving this Netflix series a shot in February.

While we’re on the topic of unusual superhero films, comic book movie fans feeling too-long removed from their last trip to Wakanda (and looking for something a bit more political and a bit sillier) might be interested in Black Snake, la légende du serpent noir (Thomas N’Gijol and Karole Rocher, 2019). Thomas N’Gijol looks great as the superpowered protector facing off against evil dictator Hezekiah, and we’re big fans of his wife and co-director, Karole Rocher of the French TV series Braquo. I suspect it’ll be tough to see, but I’ll track down Black Snake if I can.

And speaking of French cinema, let’s make clear MMC!‘s enthusiasm for Bruno Dumont’s Quinquin sequel, Coincoin and the Extra Humans (2018). L’il Quinquin (2014) was a favourite discovery of 2017 and so I’m hopeful that this follow up finds a place among my favourites of 2019. Seeing Bernard Pruvost once again twitch and shift his way through another investigation is tantalizing.

Last but not least, Film Forum’s currently ongoing series on ’70s comedies looks like a ton of fun, featuring Criterion Collection titles like Harold and MaudeThe In-LawsShampooLa Cage aux Folles, and Putney Swope, Shout Select title Car Wash, and past MMC! proposals Little Murders and Taking Off. “Far-Out in the 70s: A New Wave of Comedy, 1969-1979” runs until February 14 in all its whacked-out glory.

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