Trailer Tuesday

It’s easy to look at the Criterion Collection’s July announcements as being rather slim, but the announcement of Andrei Tarkovsky’s Stalker (1979) is a long awaited dream finally come true for cineastes. And if the thinness of new edition’s supplements have muted your enthusiasm, one look at the trailer for the 2017 restoration may be the answer to all your anxieties. I would daresay that this trailer nearly shows an entirely new film to me. This could be a revelation.

Arrow Video has announced its July releases and Mike Figgis’ Stormy Monday (1988) is an intriguing title. The film is a blind spot here at MMC! but I’m sold on the title after seeing a video essay by Roger Ebert, Kim Morgan, and Matt Zoller Seitz. Welcome back, neo-noir.  We’ve been apart too long.

How did we get this far into the Marvel movie mythos to only now pair Thor with Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song?” I’ll thank Taika Waititi for rectifying this and for Cate Blanchette as the glamourous and imperial Hela, Norse Goddess of Death and Queen of Hel and Niflheim. People like to cast dispersions at the Thor franchise, but Thor: Ragnarok (2017) looks ready to take over.

Finally, my local art house theatre recently upgraded itself to include a 3D projector and now schedules a 3D screening each month. In June, it will be featuring Julian Roffman’s The Mask (1961), described as both Canada’s first feature-length horror film and first feature-length 3D film. About a psychiatrist who enters a nightmare world through an ancient Aztec mask sent to him by a patient, this looks like a winner.


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