10 on the 10th – January 2017

I’m please to say that among the last 10 movies that I’ve watched is my favourite film of 2016 (at least for now) – La La Land. As part of that minority that was left cold by Chazelle’s Whiplash (2014) and entirely underwhelmed by Chazelle’s co-scripted 10 Cloverfield Lane (Dan Trachtenberg, 2016), I’m won over by Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling and ready for Chazelle’s next film.  As for the rest, no clear duds here and some real fondness was generated for All Night Long and Arrival.

  1. la-la-land-posterFour Hours of Terror (Tsuneo Kobayashi, 1959)
  2. All Night Long (Basil Dearden, 1961)
  3. Arrival (Denis Villeneuve, 2016)
  4. Son of Saul (László Nemes, 2015)
  5. The Swinging Cheerleaders (Jack Hill, 1974)
  6. The Birth of Saké (Erik Shirai, 2015)
  7. White Christmas (Carl Tibbetts, 2014)
  8. The Invitation (Karyn Kusama, 2015)
  9. La La Land (Damien Chazelle, 2016)
  10. Embrace of the Serpent (Ciro Guerra, 2015)

Usually my list of the last 10 films I’ve watched covers the last week or two of screenings, but this list goes back even farther. A major reason for this has been our binge watching all 7 volumes of the Found Footage Festival. For those looking to cleanse their palettes after Son of Saul, I highly recommend exploring the FFF and becoming familiar with Instant Adoring Boyfriend, Corey Haim’s Me, Myself, And I, Dancing with Frank Pacholski, Rue McClanahan Cat Care Video, Carnival in Rio with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rejuvenique, and Mikenastics.

My ever-shifting “Best of 2016” list is up on Letterboxd for anyone interested and I may post something more substantive here at MMC!, perhaps in February when I’ve had a chance to catch up with just a few stragglers – The Handmaiden (Park Chan-wook), One Piece Film: Gold (Hiroaki Miyamoto), Moana (John Musker and Ron Clements), Silence (Martin Scorsese), Things to Come (Mia Hansen-Løve), Toni Erdmann (Maren Ade), Cemetery of Splendour (Apichatpong Weerasethakul), Midnight Special (Jeff Nichols), The Fits (Anna Rose Holmer), Jackie (Pablo Larraín), The Autopsy of Jane Doe (André Øvredal), Neither Heaven Nor Earth (Clément Cogitore), Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World (Werner Herzog), Ixcanul (Jayro Bustamante), Paterson (Jim Jarmusch), Captain Fantastic (Matt Ross).


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