It’s October! You Know What That Means …

It’s October! And that means countless blogs and sites across the interwebs will be devoting themselves to all thinks creepy and spooky. MMC! is a big fan of the Halloween season and so we’re devoting the month of October to the scariest thing out there right now…

i-voted… THE AMERICAN PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION!!! (Insert lighting crashes and screams here.) Yes, from now until election day on Tuesday, November 8, MMC!‘s proposals will involve titles surrounding election campaigns and the dirty, soul-crushing process of getting the public’s vote. From the US Senate to the British House of Commons to farther flung government offices, MMC! aims to offer a selection of favourite films deserving of some better hard media editions.

saskatoon_fantastic_film_festivalOctober is still about Halloween though and MMC! doesn’t want to deny (both of) our loyal readers the seasonal scares that are due and owing. As such, MMC! will be featuring until the end of the month a number of short films sure to satisfy your horror-centric needs.

As well, I’ll be attending the Saskatoon Fantastic Film Festival and aim at providing daily festival reports on what is a stacked line-up of short and feature films. Notwithstanding its small size and remote location, SFFF has gathered top prize-winners from Fantasia, Boston Underground, Fantastic Fest, L’Étrange, SXSW, and various other genre festivals, promising four days of shocks, scares, and if reviews of The Greasy Strangler are accurate, a Silkwood shower or two. (Any recommendations or suggestions on where I might submit a longer piece for publication would be appreciated!)

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