The Stratford Adventure (Morten Parker, 1954)

NFBAnother Oscar-nominated NFB documentary, The Stratford Adventure (Morten Parker, 1954) presents Tom Patterson’s efforts in establishing a Shakespearean Festival in his hometown of Stratford, Ontario, a Canadian namesake to the Bard’s birthplace complete with its own River Avon. Parker’s little docudrama relies heavily on plucky ’50s optimism and the rallying presence of famed Old Vic producer Tyrone Guthrie who acted as a consultant and director to the Festival’s first season. Now called The Stratford Festival, it remains one of Canada’s major arts events and an internationally celebrated centre for Shakespearean performance.  Criterion Collection fans will no doubt appreciate the behind-the-scenes perspective on the Festival’s inaugural production of Richard III and the appearance of Alec Guinness.

As per the NFB:

This short film depicts how a small Canadian city, bearing the name of Stratford and by a river Avon, created its own renowned Shakespearean theatre. The film tells how the idea grew, how a famous British director, international stars and Canadian talent were recruited, and how the Stratford Shakespeare Festival finally became a triumphant reality.

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