Juxtapoz Presents Walton Ford (Alexander Klein, 2011)

MMC! is a big fan of counterculture art magazine Juxtapoz and an even bigger fan of painter Walton Ford, and so it’s surprising that we haven’t already posted this portrait of the artist by the magazine.  Ford paints in the style of John James Audubon, riffing on Audubon’s ironic association with nature conservation to create paintings with sociopolitical commentary embedded within their gorgeous compositions.  (As noted by Ford in an old interview with Juxtapoz, innumerable birds were killed to provide Audubon with specimens for his paintings, and Audubon would often nail the carcasses onto a plank of wood to create the unnatural poses Audubon preferred to better display the various markings of his subjects.)  In his upstate New York studio, Ford is an engaging, humorous, and talented figure, and the short film is worth it simply to see the scale of Ford’s pieces.

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