Film Fest Envy!

MMC! is in full-on fantastic film festival envy mode now.  Montreal’s Fantasia Film Festival and London’s Film4 Frightfest are in the books, the European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation slate is underway, and announcements are being made everywhere from Fantastic Fest and Mórbido Fest to DEDfest and the Saskatoon Fantastic Film Festival.  And with plans to attend a festival this fall having fallen through, we’re licking our wounds and dreaming of better days in other cities.

Right now, we’re thinking of Los Angeles, California, and Beyond Fest thanks to this amazing video announcing their initial slate of films and events.  The AssassinYakuza ApocalypseBone TomahawkThe Devils X-rated cut?  Dog Day Afternoon?  And goddamn Men and Chicken? It’s all too much for us to take.  Give us the bat!


2 thoughts on “Film Fest Envy!

  1. The Vern September 4, 2015 / 9:17 pm

    That video was awesome and the line up looks fantastic. Better Off Dead Reunion. I know John Cusack won’t be there, but it still looks cool. When will there be a One Crazy Summer Reunion

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