Gettin’ Tail (Against all Odds, 2011)

One last nod to East Coast animation of the 1930s!

Animation of that era claims a certain element of the risqué, what with Betty Boop’s sexualized image, (the garter, the cleavage, the heels, the often spied underwear), at least until the Production Code tamed her to some degree.  Gettin’ Tail takes this salacious streak and goes all in (literally). With direction by Against all Odds (Niklas Rissler and Kevin Grady designing, directing, and animating the short with design assistance from Johan Idesjo), Smutley the Cat humps his way through a conveyor belt of lust while in time with the unrepentant beat of Joan Jett’s “Bad Reputation.”  Gettin’ Tail is loaded with tiny details and easily missed gags that makes the short eminently re-watchable.  It’s good, (not-so) clean fun all in the admirable name of AIDS prevention, ‘cuz there’s nothing silly about wrapping your Willie!

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