Make Mine Arrow!

AV_Inferno_DVD_.inddWe’re real fans of Arrows Films, particularly its Arrow Video label which offers Criterion Collection-level special editions of great retro-cult titles.  These are stacked packages with fantastic cover and insert designs by artists like Graham Humphreys and Rick Melton.  We’re particularly fond of Arrow Video’s region-free edition of Pit Stop (Jack Hill, 1969), a nihilistic little film set in the dangerous world of crash’em up auto-racing and featuring all the wreckage a figure-8 race track can provide.  Needless to say, we were overjoyed to discover that “the world’s premier cult film label” was expanding to North America with announced titles like Blind Woman’s Curse (Teruo Ishii, 1970), Day of Anger (Tonino Valerii, 1967), Mark of the Devil (Michael Armstrong, 1970), and Yasuharu Hasebe’s Massacre Gun (1967) and Retaliation (1968).  With an Indiegogo fundraiser demonstrating an available market that has already surpassed its funding goal, we’re looking forward to seeing some North American releases from Arrow Video in early 2015.

In anticipation of Arrow Video crossing the pond, “Make Mine Arrow!” posts will soon appear here at MMC!, proposing quality editions of some of our favourite genre titles that just don’t fit the profiles of the Criterion Collection or Drafthouse Films.  Next month, our first Arrow Video wish will appear – another car crash celebration, this time featuring outlaws on the run and an uneasy balance between crime drama and sex comedy.


2 thoughts on “Make Mine Arrow!

  1. sp4zz November 25, 2014 / 3:24 pm

    Wow! I somehow missed the news that they were expanding. That;s really great news, even though it doesn’t affect me all that much (I have an all-region modded Oppo BD player) – but maybe we’ll get better prices now since we won’t have to import.

    • spinenumbered November 25, 2014 / 5:10 pm

      I believe that the Indiegogo page says somewhere in the comments that there will be little overlap between the UK label and the North American label and that prices for Region 1/A titles will be lower.

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