Our Mission

If you’re like me, the 15th of each month is partly spent refreshing the Criterion Collection’s web page in eager anticipation of new forthcoming releases, hoping to make new discoveries or see old favourites receive “the treatment” I’ve long wished for.  Sometimes the wait can be painfully long – just ask those fans waiting for Criterion’s edition of the The Game (David Fincher, 1997).  Make Mine Criterion! wear the hat of a producer for the Collection, proposing a deserving title for the wacky “C” and imagining what a complete package would involve, including special features, booklet contents and even box art.  It’s like fan-fiction; call it fan-production.  Naturally, Criterion is a discerning company committed “to publishing the defining moments of cinema for a wider and wider audience,” and so some standards will be necessary for this project’s credibility.  More on those rules in our next post.

PS – If this project sounds familiar to anyone, Make Mine Criterion! posts sometimes appeared on my last blog and some of those previous titles will find their way here in revised form.  I’m now trying out WordPress, so please bear with me for any glitchiness along the way.

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